• ROTECH is a full-service company offering pharmaceutical engineering
    ROTECH is a full-service company offering pharmaceutical engineering, systems and solutions for powder and liquid processing. ROTECH is known for innovative processing systems for liquid processing, powder handling and packaging, cleaning and fermentation.
  • Working Principle Of electric Heating Pure Steam Generator
    ROTECH Bioengineering Co., Ltd. Electric heating steam generator is mainly composed of water supply system, automatic control system, furnace and heating system and safety protection system. Its basic working principle is: through a set of automatic control device, to ensure that
  • Application and working principle of pure steam generator
    The pure steam generator is one of the important equipments used in sterilization cabinet, bioreactor (tank equipment), pipeline system (online sterilization), filter and so on. The pure steam generator conforms to the domestic and several European countries' requirements on water for injection.
  • The Grade Difference of Biosafety Laboratories P1, P2, P3 and P4
    Laboratory is a necessary place for scientific research. According to the risk level, including the infectivity and harmfulness of infectious pathogens, biological laboratories are divided into four levels (Protection level):P1, P2, P3 and P4) according to the Biosafety level (BSL).
  • Shanghai ROTECH bio-high quality pharmaceutical water
    Shanghai ROTECH biological USES the principle of reverse osmosis to purify raw water, is a popular method to prepare pure water, Shanghai red deer biological biological engineering co., ltd. produced pharmaceutical preparation purification water equipment with small area, high effluent quality, lo
  • Electric Heating Multi - Effect Distilled Water Machine Working Principle
    The machine shall be connected with the pipeline and circuit as required. After the power is switched on, water will enter the electric furnace automatically. When the water level of the electric heater reaches a certain level, stand by. Turn on the electric heater and start heating. The steam press
  • 17th International Laboratory Medicine and Transfusion Equipment and Reagents Exposition in 2020
    Shanghai Rotech Bioengineering Co., Ltd is engaged in the medicine automation machinery and equipment research, development and production of science and technology enterprises, in the pharmaceutical machinery, water preparation system software system and biological fermentation system has four prof
  • The Main Functions Of Water Purification Equipment Are Introduced
    Purified water equipment is used to meet the needs of various industries to produce pure water equipment, mostly used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and chemical industries, the whole system is also made of all stainless steel material combination, and before the water point must be equipped with s


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