Freeze-dried Powder

  • Oligopeptides Freeze-dried Powder
    Contains repair ingredients, repair acne-muscle, even skin tone, soft light factor, light through the bottom of the muscle, the flare component from the inside out source purification, from the bottom of the muscle, fresh, contains small molecule vitality element, fresh injection live young.
  • AFGF Freeze-dried Powder
    Various kinds of skin micro damage quick repair, accelerate the metabolism of aging skin renewal, three lines, bleaches the lip, wash to change the eyebrow, spot spot, remove mole, double eyelid, and other cosmetic trauma repair, especially after the skin repair has obvious effect, remove and smooth wrinkles.
  • BFGF Freeze-dried Powder
    Wide receptor, strong effect, fast and effective healing of skin wounds, suitable for various kinds of skin minimally invasive rapid repair, replacement of aging skin, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging can replace aging cells, with a strong wrinkle smoothing ability.
  • KGF Freeze-dried Powder
    Rapid repair of cuticle, with tender skin, improve skin quality and skin tone effect, maintain the normal shape of hair follicles, prevent hair follicles bulky. Prevent the formation of skin red blood silk, repair the red blood silk, remove and repair all kinds of scars.
  • MT Freeze-dried Powder
    Skin aging and anti-wrinkle care, anti-radiation protection, remove skin heavy metal toxins, whitening skin and for a variety of color spots.
  • FGF Freeze-dried Powder
    Repair skin surface quickly, improve skin immune function, strengthen metabolism, restore cell vitality, improve skin damage and fragile phenomena, used for skin repair, prevent scars, moisturize, whiten and brighten skin.
  • Hydrating Freeze-dried Powder
    Accelerate the metabolism of the skin, repair the damaged cells to make the cells full of vitality, the growth of basic fibroblasts can replace the aging cells, anti-wrinkle anti-aging, has a strong role in smoothing wrinkles.
  • Eye Wrinkle Freeze-dried Powder
    Participate in the renewal of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, reduce skin sagging and weakness, remove wrinkles around the eyes, prevent the deterioration of eye tissue, reduce the deepening of eye wrinkles, and eliminate edema.
  • Pore Fine Freeze-drying Powder
    This product can repair the large pores caused by abnormal hair follicle morphology and dermal thickening, shrink pores and restore the fine and even skin texture.
  • Soothing Repair Freeze-drying Powder
    Natural no side effects, has the excellent anti-allergic anti-inflammatory effect to repair the human body by the free radical damage to the organization, quickly eliminate the skin itching, dry, peeling, redness, tingling and other symptoms.
  • Fight Decline Freeze-drying Powder
    Activate dermal fibroblasts, promote the formation of elastic fibers and collagen fibers and restore subcutaneous supporting structures, and promote fibroblasts to produce stroma to fill the Spaces between fibrous tissues, blood vessels, lymphatics, nerves and skin accessory tissues to restore skin elasticity.
  • Light Spot Whitening Freeze-drying Powder
    The function of base layer and spinous layer cells, promote the proliferation, growth and differentiation, promote the replacement of the epidermis, promote the pigmentation of the epidermis, cells accelerate and complete keratinization, exfoliation, remove the dark yellow skin, return to bright white light and tender.
  • Protein Toner Freeze-dried Powder
    Egg white has excellent gelatinization, can also promote the skin tissue, growth, skin tenderness and beauty, so egg white has been used for external use since ancient times. This product is to isolate albumin and then freeze and dry it at ultra-low temperature, so that it can preserve its biological activity for a long time and is convenient to use.


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