Pure Steam Generator

The PSG/S-Series pure steam generators are designed for use where pyrogen free pure steam is required, such as sterilizers, autoclaves or in-line sterilization of piping system and storage tanks. The PSG/S-Series pure steam generators are manufactured to meet Current G...


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Main description

Distillation tower, preheater, gas storage separator, sampling condenser, pump, valve and all pipes

1.  The PSG/S-Series pure steam generators are designed for use where pyrogen free pure steam is required, such as sterilizers, autoclaves or in-line sterilization of piping system and storage tanks.

2.  The PSG/S-Series pure steam generators are manufactured to meet Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) as required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA and by the US Pharmacopoeia.

3.  The unit is a completely packaged skid mounted system with all necessary piping and instrumentation to operate automatically. It is designed to operate with RO feed water (max. conductivity of 5 µS/cm).


Main features

1.  Principle of falling film evaporation.

2.  Preheat for many times cut down the operation cost.

3.  Two levels of three stage separation (phase6) technology, pure steam quality meets HTM2010 (EN285), the non-condensable gas content, saturation (dry degree) and heat demand.

4.  Online inspection, recording pure steam temperature, pressure, condensate conductance and other parameters.

5.  The internal electrolytic polishing process meets GMP requirements.

Model, Characteristics and Structure


Pure steam generator with vertical tube falling film evaporation principle, a special form of water distribution, internal separation forms a spiral type soda, external preheater is independent of working condition, low energy consumption.


Due to the pure steam generator is used for on-line sterilization, consider the use of the features of users, we are equipped with a steam storage tank regulator, so that the output pressure stable outside the tank insulation, but also can prevent the steam source fluctuations and the impact of sterilization effect.

The control system is equipped with a feed water pump, digital instrument display current inlet, outlet temperature and inlet, outlet pressure gauge shows the value of contrast.

Operational principle

1.  Heating steam flow direction: heating steam from the evaporator into the steam inlet and shunt to the preheater, and then phase change from the evaporator, preheater of a condensate discharge outlet.

2.  Feed water (pure water or deionized water) to feed water pump to deionized water is delivered to the machine through the flowmeter, to preheat after entering the evaporator for evaporation, the pure steam by pure steam outlet into the steam storage tank output after evaporation concentrated water discharged from the nozzle.

3.  Heat the steam into the evaporation shell, deionized water in the heating pipe to enter through the flow into the preheater for preheating, heating source preheater from main steam heating steam preheater to shunt the above one-time preheating 125 DEG C, steam water mixture enters the tube side and shell side of the evaporator preheating after heat exchange.

4.  The deionized water is evaporated in the evaporator and separated by a steam water separator. The pure steam enters the storage tank without evaporation and the separated water is discharged from the concentrated outlet, and the pure steam outlet enters the pipeline.

5.  A steam generator is provided with a sampling port for sampling and testing at any time.

Conditions for use

(1)Heat source steam

Heating steam should be saturated, pure, without chemical quality, the new auxiliary pipe often contains sludge, welding slag, stone and other garbage must be removed.

The network pressure of heating steam is best to be stable in the range of 0.4 ~ 0.6Mpa, which is beneficial to operator operation, and can ensure the stability of pure steam at the same time, and the effect of sterilization and disinfection is best.

(2)Deionized water (pure water) 

Deionized water is generally obtained by two stage reverse osmosis or ion exchange. The conductivity of deionized water in the machine shall not exceed 2 s/cm, and the resistivity is 0.5M Omega cm, which is the lowest standard for the water industry standard.

The deionized water of the unit cannot be partial or partial, and the chlorine (CL-) ion content in the water can not exceed the content value stipulated in the pure water index. The temperature of the purified water is normal at room temperature.


The three-phase five wire system, 50Hz ~ 60Hz AC 380V power switch into the machine should be provided to open or open phase protection device.

(4)Steam pressure of pure steam generator

For online network sterilization, close (less than 50 meters), the requirement of sterilization steam pressure is 0.15 ~ can reach 0.2Mpa, long distance (over 50 meters) into the net pressure should be 0.2 ~ 0.3Mpa, the steam pressure at 0.15Mpa, the control temperature may exceed 121 degrees, such as the need to obtain a higher steam pressure, steam pressure can be adjusted to achieve.

Touch screen and login interface


System Flow Picture


ModelCapacity(kg/h)Feed water(kg/h)Industrial steam (kg/h)Dimension(mm)Weight(kg)

Performance parameter ratio (national standard)

Our factory product test performance index is higher than the national standard 5-10%.

QA: the amount of steam consumed to produce a specified amount of pure steam per unit time.Kg/h .

QC: the amount of pure water consumed in a given amount of pure steam per unit time.Kg/h.

W: The amount of pure steam obtained per unit time.Kg/h.


1.  Technical service: provide free consultation and suggestion, technical support and service by email/fax/telephone and lifetime technical support.

2.  Customized service: product development and design according to different customer's different requirements.

3.  After-sale service team: technical engineers available to service overseas if needed.

4.  Installation: we can arrange engineers to install machines in customer's factory.

5.  Maintenance: reply will be given within 48 hours once customer inform us any malfunction happened, we can also arrange engineers to customer's factory to main machines.

6.  Training: normal machine is properly adjusted before delivery, you will be able to use the machines immediately and you will be able to get free training advice towards our machine in our factory.

7.  Warranty: one year since the date of delivery.








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