Automatic Blister Packing Machine

It is suitable for ampoule , vial , oral liquid and other small round bottle. Automatic printing , tray forming and feeding in tray. This machine is an improved product innovated by our company that incorporates pneumatic-photo-electro-mechanic, controlled by PLC and man- machine interfa...


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Main description

It is suitable for capsule, tablet, honey pill, candy, liquid(ointment), syringe as wel as irregular shape al-plastic or paper-plastic packing in pharmacy, healthcare, food, cosmetics, medical equipment industry etc.

 DPP-80/140 is the latest and high automation product design for middle and small sized pharmacy factory, healthcare factory and preparation-room of hospital, especially for those who need small batches product but many kinds. The machine is adopted with PLC, frequency converter and touch screen operation. It can automatically finish the processed of feeding , forming , heating sealing , pressing , batch number printing , punching and so on. It is the ideal packing equipment with convenience operation, full purpose function.

DPP-E series flat plate blister packing machine is a high-tech packing machine for aluminum-aluminum, aluminum-plastic, paper-plastic packing, it is adopting PLC, frequency converter and man-machine interface with features of all round function, easy for operation, stable running and qualified with GMP. Because of its large forming area and more plates per cutting(standard sheet:5plates once) to a certain extent, it meets the needs of enterprise that of scale output, especially for candy and milk tablet etc packing in food industry.


Main features

1.  Main transmission part adopts parallel axis and bevel wheel speed reducer, with novel structure, stable running , long longevity and low noise.

2.  Heating sealing station fixing, forming, impressing and cutting etc can move freely to adjust the distance and it is easy to change moulds.

3.  With manipulator towing and adjustable travel range, it can be suitable for blister packing of various sizes.

4.  Flat plate structure can pack special shape products such as elliptic shape, square shape, triangle shape, liquid , paste and syringe etc.

5.  Blister forming, heating sealing , lot number orienting , avulsion line impressing and cutting all adopt gear mandrel orientation, each can move freely in the mandrel when rotating the hand wheel and that can be adjusted and orientated with the help of staff gauge.

6.  Manipulator towing, adjustable travel range, which can fit for blister packing of different sizes, without altering the circumstance of cam lift, it adopted culms double pendulum device, thus increasing the traction travel range(it can reach as long as 200mm). all the movement of heating , forming, upper and lower net veins pressing , air cylinder pressing, feeding , lot number printing and cutting can be done very simple, automatically and accurately.

7.  Positive pressure forming matched with mechanical punch ensures well blister forming and can be collocated with special automatic feeder to fit for certain packing such as ampoule, vial, syringe, big honey pill, medical appliance and other special shapes.

8.  Main transmission part adopts parallel axis and bevel wheel speed reducer, forming ,heating sealing and impressing moulds adopt bolt orientating which leads to precise orientation, easy to change moulds and material saving.

Cutting Frequency(Times/min)10-406-506-50
Max Forming Area And Depth(mm)110×80×15130×130×26 (Standard Depth 14mm)240(310/340/390)×150×26mm(standard   depth:14)
Stroke(mm)40-8040-14040-160 (Can be lengthened to 180mm as user's requirements)
Standard Plate(mm)80×57(Can Be Manufactured As User's   Requirements)
Air Pressure(Mpa)0.4-0.60.4-0.60.4-0.60.4-0.70.4-0.7
Air Supply(m3/min)≥0.2≥0.2≥0.35≥0.35≥0.35
Power supply380V/220V 50Hz
Total Power3.
Main Motor Power (KW)0.550.751.52.22.2
PVC Hard Pieces(mm)0.15-0.5×1200.15-0.5×1400.25-0.5×250mm(320/350/400)
PTP Aluminum Foil(mm)0.02-0.035×1200.02-0.035×1400.02-0.035×250 mm(320/350/400)
Dialysis Paper(mm)50-100g×12050-100g×14050-100g×250 mm(320/350/400)
Mould CoolingTap Water Or Circulating Water
Overall Dimensions(mm)(L×W×H)1400×460×9502300×560×14103000×730×16003300×850×16003600×950×1600

1.  Technical service: provide free consultation and suggestion, technical support and service by email/fax/telephone and lifetime technical support.

2.  Customized service: product development and design according to different customer's different requirements.

3.  After-sale service team: technical engineers available to service overseas if needed.

4.  Installation: we can arrange engineers to install machines in customer's factory.

5.  Maintenance: reply will be given within 48 hours once customer inform us any malfunction happened, we can also arrange engineers to customer's factory to main machines.

6.  Training: normal machine is properly adjusted before delivery, you will be able to use the machines immediately and you will be able to get free training advice towards our machine in our factory.

7.  Warranty: one year since the date of delivery.

There are multiple models of one type machine , we need to know more details about your products in order that we can recommend the most suitable machine for you. Our questions as below:

1.  What's your product ? please send one picture to us

2.  What's the dimension or specification of your product ?

3.  What's the filling volume of your product ?

4.  What's the production capacity of your required machines?

5.  If possible , please tell us your production process, we can select the approximate machine according to your requirements.


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