• Actinopeptide Yeast Antifungal Amanita Bottle
    Fermentation filtrate, multiple times the energy of yeast, nutrients directly to the bottom of the muscle, arouse the skin vitality, the metabolism of yeast and cuticle, can also capture free radicals, inhibit the oxidation of lipids, with whitening, anti-aging function
  • Sake Fermentation Bright Reduction Bottle
    Japanese sake, strong antioxidant, brightening skin, strong penetration, can improve the living environment of skin cells, promote cell metabolism
  • Ginseng Stem Cell Essence Yuan Anshen Anping
    Compound a variety of plant essence, ginseng is the most, can ease the nerves, calm the nerves, regulate the balance of water and oil, inhibit the generation of melanin, rejuvenate the new look, let you have tender, smooth and delicate skin, youthful luster
  • Brightens The Skin To Eliminate Spot Tender White Bottle
    Rejuvenate the primary energy, promote tissue regeneration, enhance the body's immune function and other physiological activities, whitening freckle, brightening skin, eliminate yellow gas, easy absorption of small molecules, efficient activity, natural health
  • Beautiful Eyes As Before Essence Ampere
    Soft and lubricated, instantly penetrate into the bottom of the muscle, lock the youthful state of the skin, eliminate wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, reduce eye bags, eliminate dark circles, small molecules high energy, promote metabolism
  • Water Supply Bottle
    Instantly make the skin drink water, lock in a day of moisture, let you every day soft lubrication, reduce the skin fine lines, dry skin and other phenomena, make the cells full, glowing face luster
  • Peptide Anti - wrinkle Essence Bottle
    Safe and gentle, can reduce the wrinkles caused by facial muscle contraction in a short period of time, especially around the eyes, forehead, corners of the mouth, such as crow's feet, law lines, corners of the mouth lines, anti-wrinkle tight, plump elastic tender, fade fine lines
  • Collagen Compact Essence Ampere
    Reshape skin barrier, improve water shortage and roughness from the bottom of the skin, light moisten water light, like rebirth, and even skin tone, smooth skin, make the skin soft and smooth from the bottom of the skin
  • Repair Essence Ampoules
    Double moisturizing skin bottom cells, from the inside out care, relieve discomfort, improve dryness, soft moisture, water protection, easy to absorb, not greasy, refreshing and hydrating


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