Automatic Capsule & Tablet Counting Line

The packing assembling line is electronic tablet and capsule counting and filling line which is mainly used for bottling packing of tablet, soft of hard capsule and also used for other similar solid grain(such as chewing gum). The line is wide in scope of application and easy to operate an...


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Product introduction

The line has the function of balance protection. It can automatically stop when lacking bottle or bottle jammed and renew running after clearing trouble. The electronic tablet and capsule counting machine delivers multichannel medicine in three classes of vibration. 

The counting machine features uniform medicine falling and accurate medicine counting. 

The counter is available for various bottles in different dose or filling quantity, and it has fast changeover because there is no need to change mould. The counter has the device of getting rid of powder. 

The separate machine of the line has its own performance and driven controlling system.

Automatic unscrambler

The machine is our latest generation product (It consists of bottle lifting device, bottle unscrambling device and main unscrambler). It is available for unscrambling all shapes of bottles, and it's the unscrambler with quickest speed in China at present. 

The mainframe has an electronic timing, which can prevent bottles falling down, and it also has a photoelectric controlling installation. 

The machine also has rejection system of upside down / fallen bottle. 

The machine conforms to the requirements of GMP completely.


Electronic tablet and capsule counting machine

The machine delivers medicine smoothly and evenly in three classes of vibration. Its sensitive device adopts the most advanced sensitive technology in the world, i.e. high-resolution CCD which can adjust work state automatically to allow accurate counting.

Its air pressure regulator ensures reliability and stability of pneumatic components in work. Self-diagnostic system monitors the whole running process of the equipment to further guarantee correctness of counting. 

The machine also has inspection function that can detect and reject broken medicine. 

The machine has not only reliable running but fast and easy changeover. Its control system can store working parameters of various medicaments and its human machine interface is user-friendly. 

The machine conforms to the requirements of GMP completely.


Desiccant inserting machine

Tablet and capsule are easy to go moist, so it is necessary to put the desiccant into the container to keep them away from moisture in order to improve reliability of guarantee period. 

The machine applies automatic controlling system to take the place of the previous manual operation. 

The machine can automatically cut the belted desiccant and insert the desiccant bag into the container accurately and speedily. 

It is available for bottles and pots made of different materials. 

It features double-channel photoelectricity positioning, intelligent feeding length controlling (desiccant bag is not easily cut broken) and automatic adjustment of accumulated length error. 

The electric controlling system ensures the machine starts when bottles reach working position and stops when bottles are insufficient automatically. 

The machine conforms to the requirements of GMP completely.


Cap screwing machine

The machine adopts three groups of friction rollers to screw caps. 

Screwed caps are not easily damaged by the screwing unit. And if caps are not screwed tightly or tilted, they will be found and rejected automatically.

The screw capper is available for various bottles and its changeover is fast and easy. 

It also provides international brand PLC controls, frequency conversion timing and photoelectric control. 

The machine is incorporated with the device of arranging and lifting cap and a big capacity of cap hopper, so less cap feeding times reduces labor intensity. 

The machine conforms to the requirements of GMP completely.


Transistorized aluminum foil sealing machine

Intermediate frequency power supply of the machine makes effective output power great and output current adjustable. 

It also auto-tracks change of current load and makes adjustment timely. If there is no bottle in the specified position, it will stop automatically to save electric power. 

The machine is available for various bottles. 

The special sealing induction plate is completely-shielded without electromagnetic pollution and its safety is superior to high-frequency power supply. Cooling system of the machine adopts builtin water circulation to save water consumption and water pollution; it also has pressurizing system which features good cooling conditions, short sticking time, firm sealing and stable performance. 

Even if the mouth of the bottle is moist with many kinds of liquid, the machine still seals perfectly. 

If water stops, the machine will sound the alarm. Besides, some mechanism protects the machine from being damaged by over current, over voltage and under voltage. 

And it also has functions of continuous counting and automatic rejection of caps without aluminum foil. 

The machine conforms to the requirements of GMP completely.


Automatic sticker labeling machine

The machine is designed to apply self-adhensive labels on the body of cylindrical bottles. 

Multiple control system, high speed labeling device and inteligent feeding length control ensure labels are attached to bottles smoothly, steadily and reliably. 

The machine has hot code printer for printing lot number (in three lines), human machine interface (touch screen) and PLC controls. 

It sounds the alarm once ribbon broken or missing code or omitting labeling and also provides continuous counting. 

The machine conforms to the requirements of GMP completely.


Applicable packingTablet, soft/hard capsule, pill and other   similar solid grain
Bottle size20-300ml

Tablet, pellet:

Packing speed may be different when   medicine, bottle size and filling quantity are different
Capsule 00#-5#:40-120bottles/min
Soft capsule and hetero-shape tablet,   depend on the samples offered by customers
We also can manufacture special equipment   according to customer’s demand.



1.  Technical service: provide free consultation and suggestion, technical support and service by email/fax/telephone and lifetime technical support.

2.  Customized service: product development and design according to different customer's different requirements.

3.  After-sale service team: technical engineers available to service overseas if needed.

4.  Installation: we can arrange engineers to install machines in customer's factory.

5.  Maintenance: reply will be given within 48 hours once customer inform us any malfunction happened, we can also arrange engineers to customer's factory to main machines.

6.  Training: normal machine is properly adjusted before delivery, you will be able to use the machines immediately and you will be able to get free training advice towards our machine in our factory.

7.  Warranty: one year since the date of delivery.





There are multiple models of one type machine , we need to know more details about your products in order that we can recommend the most suitable machine for you. Our questions as below:

1.  What's your product ? please send one picture to us

2.  What's the dimension or specification of your product ?

3.  What's the filling volume of your product ?

4.  What's the production capacity of your required machines?

5.  If possible , please tell us your production process, we can select the approximate machine according to your requirements.



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