Food Freeze Drying Machine

  • Food Lyophilizer
    This is used for 1㎡-200㎡. The vacuum freezing and drying technology is currently the most advanced dehydrating processing technology in the world compared with the commonly used drying method, long period of quality assurance, good re-hydration nature, good-looking color, good flavor, taste and high content of nutritious components. the dried food basically remains unchanged in its volume and shape, looks like sponge and has no shrinking .

Food Pretreatment Machine

  • Bubble Washing Machine
    Bubble type washing machine is used to remove the dirt, impurity on the surface of the goods, and by way of high pressure water flow and bursting force of the bubble. wash clean with a high energy saving, stable and reliable equipment and so on.
  • Vibration Conveyor
    The vibrating conveyor is a commonly used light-duty vibrating draining equipment. This machine is widely used in various industries such as grains, vegetables, and foods, and is suitable for different levels of classification and dehydration of various materials. This equipment is also used to remove water from the surface of food packaging bags after pasteurization and cooling, and to remove water from the surface after washing vegetables. After vibrating and draining, most of the water droplets have been removed.
  • Selection Conveyor
    It is used for the selection of vegetables, fruits and other products. mainly used for the pretreatment of vegetables to view, select, to complete the processing of vegetables into the next process. the waste through the bottom of the of the conveyor belt to send out, with adjustable. It can be connected with vibration conveyor for dropping the water.
  • Pineapple Peeling Machine
    This peeling machine is used for peeling skin of fruit, such as pineapple, apple, melon, watermelon, Papaya, grapefruit, hami melon, taro, mango ,etc This is professional fruit & vegetable peeling machine. The machine is made of stainless steel SUS304, whole machine computer control, PLC and touch screen is Omron. The fruit & vegetable feeding is by manual, other operate is automatic.
  • Pineapple Destoning Machine
    The pineapple destoning machine can complete both core and core removal in one working procedure, which improves work efficiency and reduces the waste of pineapple pulp during coring. It can be applied to pineapples of different sizes.
  • Mango Peeling Machine
    The mango peeling machine is customized machine, it can’t share with the fruits like kiwi, citrus, orange, lemon, pomelo, grapefruit, guava and persimmon. It is the non-standard machine .so the mango peeling machine just peel the mango, not suitable for other fruits.
  • Destoning Pulping Machine
    The equipment is mainly suitable for pulping, destoning and separating the nucleus fruit after pre cooked or eight mature. This equipment is used for tomato, strawberry, banana, maytree, apricot and other fruits for moving peel, destoning, pulping and refining, to reach the purpose of slurry residue separation.
  • Slicing Machine
    It can cut leaf vegetables like scallion, pepper, garlic, leek, celery, Chinese cabbage, spinage, and lettuce etc. and fruits (banana, apple, pear, ect) into slice or slice shape. It can cut root vegetables like carrot, oinon, bamboo shoots, egg plant, potatoes, etc. into strip or slice shape by changing the blades.
  • Dicing Machine
    It can cut leaf vegetables like scallion, pepper, garlic, leek, celery, Chinese cabbage, spinage, and lettuce etc. and fruits (banana, apple, pear, ect) into dice or dice shape. It can cut root vegetables like carrot, oinon, bamboo shoots, egg plant, potatoes, etc. into dice shape by changing the blades.

Auto Packaging System

  • Packaging System
    The product is freeze dried fruit slice,dice, like banana slice.dice etc.

Water System

  • Purified Water System
    This system is designed for the purified water project. Design the water source to master the worst water quality, and the production capacity is designed according to requirements. According to the different products, the effluent quality of the system meets the water requirements. The design water source is based on municipal water. The system is designed according to the user's raw water quality and the water quality requirements. The system configuration and settings can fully meet the requirements of water inlet conditions, with the principles of automatic, energy saving, simple operation, environmental protection and safety, and ensure the system can run stably for a long time.
  • PW Storage Tank
    It is used to store purified water or other liquids in pharmacy, agriculture, veterinary, biology, chemistry, and fermentation industries.
  • Distribution System
    The distribution skid is integrated with distribution, sterilization and quality monitoring, regarding with the different level pharmaceutical water, rack-mounted distribution system saves space, easy for installation, pre installation and performance quality will be executed at our factory before shipment, all pipes are SS316L, no dead corner, sanitary clamp connection , the roughness of all parts surface which is connected with production water is less than 0.6um, no buffer tank at circulation loop can effectively prevent bacterial growth, meet FDA requirement.
  • Distiller
    This machine adopts electrical heating , bidirectional centrifugal separation and internal circulation and heating. It can produce WFI and pure steam simultaneously or individually.
  • WFI Storage Tank
    It is used to store distilled and purified water or other liquids in pharmacy, agriculture, veterinary, biology, chemistry, and fermentation industries.
  • Pure Steam Generator
    The PSG/S-Series pure steam generators are designed for use where pyrogen free pure steam is required, such as sterilizers, autoclaves or in-line sterilization of piping system and storage tanks. The PSG/S-Series pure steam generators are manufactured to meet Current Good Manufacturing Pr...
  • Looping System
    Clean pipe system includes distribution system of purified water, water for injection, pure steam, compressed air, nitrogen, oxygen, etc. Piping system complies with GMP requirements without blind pipe and dead ends, and slope and welding quality is guaranteed in the process of piping installation.

Clean Room

  • Wall Panel
    Standard Width: 980mm Standard depth (double skin): 50mm Single or double skin options available Available in customised sizes & any colour
  • Ceiling
    We will provide ROTECH ceiling panels, these contain factory made cut outs for light fixtures and are supported in a hanging fashion from the above host building. We assume appropriate overhead support structure (steel work or slab ceiling) is provided by client or present at site. Our ceiling panels are connected flush to the wall panels, therefore there is no additional coving needed.
  • Door
    Clean room is also called dust-free workshop, which refers to the air within a certain space range of micro-particles, harmful air, bacteria and other pollutants, and indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, airflow velocity and airflow distribution, noise vibration and lighting, electrostatic control within a certain demand range, while given a specially designed room. That is, no matter how the external air condition changes, the room can maintain the original requirements of cleanliness, temperature, humidity, pressure and other properties .
  • Window
    Round-corner window is installed on the color-steel panel or melamine resin panel, consisting of white or black baking finished Alu-frame and double-layer glass, sealed with special sealant and fully even with the wall panel. The four corners of the window is round design, can be integrated with color-steel panel, easy to install and clean.
  • Floor
    There are various materials for clean floor, pharmaceutical factory and labs always use epoxy material, operating room and other hospital clean use rubber and PVC material. Electronic factory usually adopts PVC block material combines epoxy material.
  • Light
    Light body design hypotenuse is easy to clean, simple appearance, interior mirror reflector, lamp and lamp body is connected with high quality seal.
  • Connectors
    Sanitary Aluminum Profile Components: easy to clean, used for the connection of color-steel panel convex corner in horizontal and vertical directions. Concave edging installed at the corner is fully even with the wall panel, good appearance, convenient and safe.
  • Clean Process Pipeline
    Clean process pipeline is the core engineering construction of biological pharmaceutical production system, it has high requirements of pipeline material and its component material and need to strengthen the examination of welding construction of clean process pipeline.
  • Integrate Air Cooled Screw Water Chilling(Heat Pump) Unit
    It is a energy-saving high-efficiency unit, with intelligent defrosting technology, modular assembly design, heat recovery unit, high-temperature operation in high/low temperature environment.
  • Pass Box
    Pass box is an auxiliary equipment of clean room, normal type is mainly used between clean room and non-clean room for the transfer of small matter in order to reduce the door open times of clean room and reduce the risk of contamination to lowest.
  • SS Shoe Cabinet
    Made from Glass Reinforced Polyester (STAINLESS STEEL). Designed to integrate with any wall system. Available with or without footwear storage. Integral rebate to accept any floor finish. Available in different sizes.
  • SS Wardrobe
    Made from stainless steel. one or two-sided access available. toughened glass door. electromagnetic interlock system. hepa filtration & shelving options available. available in different sizes.
  • Stainless Steel Pool
    Made from stainless steel. fitted with 304L stainless steel bowl. available with choice of mixer s or automatic tap system. removable access panel for servicing. integral rebate to accept any floor finish. available in different sizes.
  • HVAC System
    HVAC system is to ensure that the air parameter of the clean room reach the required state, usually consisting of ventilation systems, air handling equipment, cold/heat sources, water systems air conditioning and control systems.
  • Electrical Services
    Power outlets will have sealed back boxes to prevent air leakage and will comply with cleanroom applications. This proposal includes single-phase plugs and light switches.
  • Door Interlocks
    The ROTECH interlock prevents any more than one door of the system being opened at any one time. Each door would be fitted with a sensor and electromagnetic lock. The system would be provided with emergency override facility in the form of a designated break glass unit.
  • Air Outlet
    High efficient air outlet adopts excellent cold-rolled steel plate with static sprayed surface for casing, including pressure box, high efficient filter and diffusion plate. For rebuilt and new built clean room at various level. It can be installed on the ceiling and other places as terminal high efficient filtration device.
  • HEPA Filter
    We have four types of filter , liquid cell type filter, counter-flange liquid cell type filter, non-clapboard high efficient filter and GK series high efficient air filter.

Black Utility

  • Boiler
    The important feature of hot water boiler is that fuel or natural gas, gas and other combustible gases are used as fuel for combustion. And with a high-tech full-active control system, it can fully supply hot water to meet people's needs.
  • Nitrogen Generator
    PSA nitrogen generator produces N2 gas, using air as raw material and carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, by the selective adsorption of carbon molecular sieve to O2 and N2, achieving the separation of the O2 and N2 in the air.
  • Compresed Air
    Clean air 100% oil-free :Oil-free type compressors can supply clean air.Low noise &low vibration :Silent operation and vibration assure comfortable and quiet work space.


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