Ultrasonic bottle washing machine

It is mainly suitable for ultrasonic rough cleaning of large infusion glass bottles of 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and other bottle shapes, and can also be used for ultrasonic cleaning processes similar to bottle shapes.


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Ultrasonic bottle washing machine

(1) Main usage

It is mainly suitable for ultrasonic rough cleaning of large infusion glass bottles of 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and other bottle shapes, and can also be used for ultrasonic cleaning processes similar to bottle shapes.

(2) Working principle

The glass infusion bottles are sorted into multiple channels through the bottle unscrambler and the bottle-dividing mechanism to enter the ultrasonic pool in the bottle washing machine for ultrasonic rough washing. After the rough washing is completed, the water is poured, and then the normal water is rinsed twice inside and outside to complete the rough washing bottle washing process ( During ultrasonic bottle washing, the glass infusion bottle is immersed in the ultrasonic water tank for a long time, the rough washing is sufficient, and the water is rinsed many times, and the water is recycled, so that it not only ensures the bottle washing effect and saves water).

(3) Performance characteristics

A.  The bottle washer has a compact structure, adopts a bottom-in-top bottle-out structure, and has a small footprint.

B.  The whole machine adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.

C.  Ultrasonic cleaning has no cleaning dead corners. At the same time, to protect the ultrasonic generator, the equipment has a monitoring function for the ultrasonic water level and has the function of not being able to start at low water level.

D.  The crawler-type bottle is used. It takes a long time for the infusion bottle to enter the ultrasonic pool to ensure that the infusion bottle is cleaned and has no dead ends. After the normal water is rinsed, it takes a long time to pour water and there is no residual water in the bottle.

E.  The bottle feeding part of the bottle washing machine adopts a new type of bottle hook combined with an arc guide plate, and the bottle feeding is reliable, and there is no phenomenon of inverting or turning over the bottle.

F.  The bottle-washing machine adopts the patented technology of secondary bottle connection, which ensures that the infusion bottle does not fall or turn over when the bottle is discharged, reduces the rate of broken infusion bottles and ensures the stability of the production line.

G. The bottle washing station adopts bottle mouth positioning; the washing nozzle adopts a freely adjustable washing nozzle with patent technology, the bottle mouth is positioned accurately during washing, and 100% guarantees that the nozzle is aligned with the bottle mouth. The cleaning effect is good and uniform, which solves the small mouth The problem of bottle mouth alignment during bottle washing.

H.  The transmission mechanism of the bottle washing machine is located on the side of the equipment, which is very convenient for maintenance and repair.

I.  The equipment realizes the integration of machine, electricity and gas, with a high degree of automation. The water pressure and flushing time can be set according to actual needs, and the water is downgraded, which greatly saves water and operating costs.

J.  Bottle washing mechanism The bottle part adopts the new short bottle collecting table to unscramble and separate bottles. The unscrambled bottle is stable and there is no bottle jam. It is convenient for bottle feeding and maintenance.

Application specification50ml、100ml、250ml、500ml
Production capacity120 bottles/min200 bottles/min300 bottles/min420 bottles/min
Each bottle  entering quantity12152026
Electric capacity(KW)11.0KW12.0KW15.0KW18.0KW
Bottle washing temperature.35-45℃
Compressed air parameter(L/h)500L/h
Water consumption parameter (ml/bottle)200ml/bottle
Overall size(L*W*H) mm3858X2340X18003858X2640X18003858X3140X18003858X3740X1800

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7.  Warranty: one year since the date of delivery.

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